Light Oriye is a Visual storyteller and Director from Rivers State in Southern Nigeria. His work focuses on environmental advocacy, health and socioeconomic challenges faced by people in rural communities, both telling these stories and preserving cultures through microphones and lenses.

He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the prestigious Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Imo State. He’s a Foundry Photojournalism Alumni, member of Africa Photojournalism Database (APJD), a Joint Project by World Press Photo Foundation and Everyday Africa, and a graduate of the International Institute of Journalism, Abuja. In 2020 He was selected to participate at the Visa pour I'image/Canon Students Development Programme, and recently began exploring other innovative technologies like XR and AI in his storytelling. 

Light started his media journey as a film and videotape editor in 2016 at the headquarters of the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA), Abuja, he edited news for several reporters and was assigned the duty of editing programs such as Business News and Moments for Thoughts. 

His work on environmental and climate issues was featured in the Pulitzer 2022 Photoville exhibition in Brooklyn Bridge Park and Bella Abzug Park in New York and also at the Kennedy Centre in Washington D.C. as part of Coal+Ice event.
He was a primary contributor of photography and videography for the special African Scramble edition of Sandwich Magazine, and often shoots for California-based film production company Run It Up Productions, Cucoloris Pictures and Black Terminus AR. 

He has also produced documentary films such as The Food Advocate, The Kebbi Experience, The Bag Man, Campaign for the Amendment of the UBE Act, Better Future, Cold Heat, Soul Bacle, and many others.

Artist Statement

Having worked in 35 states across Nigeria and a few countries within the continent of Africa gathering stories of people from different cultural backgrounds and life situations with a sensitive eye for local and international NGOs, publications and brands. I have developed the necessary skill required to work with utmost consideration for consent and ethics as a storyteller. With good understanding of power dynamics, I avoid stereotypes in my work and mostly let the action play right in-front of my camera. I do my best not to influence the outcome of the story except when required to direct collaborators or interviewees.

I am able to work effectively in any given condition or times of the day incorporating important environmental elements to give context and depth within my frame. Also, I like to spend quality time in the field studying my subject before hand to understand to immerse myself in the environment and go into conversation with my collaborators (subjects). This way,I am able to draw the right response in my films, and present subjects in the best possible light. 


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