Workout With Ralph

Raphael Akomolafa, is a fitness model and body builder, who has represented several clothing brands in Lagos and Abuja, won multiple many fitness competition however, this was not always the case growing up, @classical_captain as he’s fondly called never felt good about his body growing up. "I was so thin and wouldn't participate in group photographs while in secondary school, I don't have a photo of my teenage days. I didn't like the way I looked".
Fast forward to the year 2019, Ralph decided to join his elder brother and friends at the local gym in Lagos, he was so determined that despite several criticism directed towards his physique he never let that deter him from body bodybuilding.
Today, Ralph is helping others embrace their bodies through his online fitness programs. "I have helped many people reach their body goals through my personalised diet and workout plans, my aim is to use fitness to promote self image and campaign for healthy lifestyle amongst young adults across the continent".

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